Letter from Founders Kristy Curry and Nina Lisandrello 

Hey There! We’re Founders and Co-Pilots Kristy Curry and Nina Lisandrello!

Our destination: A healthier, sustainable planet.

2020’s devastation brought us together; we hope our friendship and respect for each other serve as a positive influence in the new foundation of Female Entrepreneurship. 

Our butterfly symbolizes a Genesis of Rebirth, Ascension, and Support.

A Landing Pad (get it) of Collective Intelligence in the palm of the woman’s hand.

Flutter’s a Global Upstream of Audio/Visual Health Education, Mindfulness, and Creativity. 

Time to soar into a beautiful future.

Time to fly.

Happy Healing,

K+N 😊

Nina Lisandrello 


“I enjoy fusing storytelling with tech. We want the user to feel like the heroine of her story. After all… she is. We hope our company helps women feel beautiful and encouraged to put the oxygen mask on first.”


Kristy Curry 

Women’s Health Advocate, Wife, and working Mother of two 4-year-old twin boys, Jack and Finn. Endometriosis Foundation Board Member. Suffers from Endometriosis. Flutter originator. 

“I wanted to create a space for women to support each other through every stage of their lives. For me, Endometriosis, pregnancy, birth, motherhood are all connected and using one app for all of these overlapping phases was important.”

Women’s Health. Period. ™