Moon Mavens is a generative collection of 12,345 unique NFTs to fund and grow the Flutter Health community for women.

Environmental concerns? We use the Solana blockchain which is 1000x more energy efficient than Ethereum. Minting (buying) one Moon Maven uses about the same energy as a single Google search (0.0003 kWh vs 65kWh for an Ethereum transaction).


Flutter’s relaunch lands on the 2021 Beaver Moon. How fitting 🌚
Although it’s not a total lunar eclipse, it’s damn close (get it) as nearly 97 percent of the Moon will be covered by Earth’s shadow.

Jokes aside, the 2021 Lunar Eclipse November 18-19 is a celestial phenomenon.

The eager beaver’s a semi-aquatic industrious builder, reminding the collective to stay on track of goals, manifestations. A lunar eclipse adds fuel to the fire, igniting positive, necessary, transitional changes.

This rare moment in time is an opportunity to build fortune and luck as a Mindful Art Community.

Flutter’s Moon Mavens are a rotating gallery of Women’s Art - a creative environment built on the emergence of increasing complexities and variability in human life and experiences.

Moon Mavens is an open invitation for artists to portray and share their dream lives and futures through digital media.

As technology profoundly changes the way we heal, learn, organize, socialize, and create, there’s an urgent need to explore what a highly intelligent and networked society requires us to be, and what a high-tech - but humane - world would look like. Feel like.

Flutter is proud to present Cheryl Epstein as Moon Maven’s premier NFT artist.

Cheryl’s Mavens are fun, eclectic, vibrant Spirits - a brilliant representation of authentic, empowered women.

She is passionate about art, nature, and how they can promote positive mental health.

Visit Cheryl’s PortfolioInstagram

Part of the proceeds from the Moon Mavens will support these wonderful non-profits:

The Endometriosis Foundation of America

Every Mother Counts

Black Feminist Project

The W.O.W. Project

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